Monica Coquoz

Does your life feel like a roller coaster? Do your relationships feel like an endless source of struggle?

Individual and couple therapy to recover your inner balance and move through life with greater ease and clarity.


Monica Coquoz

Does your life feel like a roller coaster? Do your relationships feel like an endless source of struggle?

Individual and couple therapy to recover your inner balance and move through life with greater ease and clarity.

Stop fighting so much against how things are going (or not going)

Blaming yourself every time things don't work out the way you wanted them to and fearing that they never will.

Constantly comparing your life and your relationship with other people's and feeling frustrated. Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try, nothing works.

Feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. Sleepless nights thinking about the same things.


Feeling disappointed by what could have been and wasn't, even though you gave it your all. Feeling like a failure. Once again.

Feeling that you and your partner are so disconnected that you wonder how much longer you will be able to go on like this.


Hi! I'm Monica Coquoz 

 and with tools such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), Focusing, Mindfulness, and Conscious Communication I help you heal deep wounds, strengthen your relationships and ease your mind.

LGBTQ+ friendly 😉

I work with you to help you feel:


Lighter, unburdened, internally clear and aligned with what you truly want.

Coherent and calm with greater confidence and enthusiasm for life.

That you have a broader perspective to help you work with emotions and thoughts that are hurting you.

More connected internally as well as externally in your significant relationships.

That you are your own best friend, know how to truly love yourself, and not depend on someone outside to give you the love and appreciation that you need.

My methods can be used to work with you individually or as a couple, helping you find balance in your relationships as well as between the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of your being, gaining in clarity, self-confidence and serenity.


Because all of the answers are already inside you

Although I know how easy it is to feel frustrated because you feel like you don't know how to access them. 

I know because I used to feel that way too, and that's why I want to help you learn how to connect with your inner world and unlock the answers and resources you are looking for, both for yourself as well as for your relationships. And best of all, you'll learn how to use these tools for yourself so you can use them between sessions. 

Even if you have been doing self-development work or therapy for some time, I can help you regain focus, offer you new tools, and go much deeper in your process of healing and growth.

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The therapy sessions with Monica are helping me to deepen my self-awareness, live with more confidence, ease and joy. With her presence and techniques, Monica guides me in establishing a relationship of kindness, respect and openness in relation to the subject to be explored. By the end of the session, I notice a feeling of lightness, expansion, deep serenity and vitality, as well as greater mental clarity about the subject worked on. The body learns from what was experienced in the sessions and progressively integrates it into everyday life. A real gift for the body, mind and relationships.


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Before working with Monica, I felt very disconnected from my body and my inner self. I felt unable to love and care for myself. I also felt very detached from my emotions.

There came a time in my life when it was clear that I needed a change. After having regular sessions with Monica, I feel better in my own skin and I feel more confident in my decisions. I trust my gut more and I also believe I've got the skills to cope with whatever comes my way.


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Before working with Monica I felt anxious, sad and lacking energy. I was worried about many issues in my life: not really knowing myself, not finding people I fit in with, not accepting reality...

I started therapy and thanks to it I began to feel more energetic, to better manage anxiety and stressful situations, and to have more compassion towards myself. This is reflected in my day-to-day life in which I experience greater ease and peace despite the discomforts.

I am eternally grateful for your help, Monica. Thank you.


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